YEAR 2005                                                                                                                      

Dairy suppliers and milk feeding coordinators meet with Inter-agency Milk Feeding Committee

A consultation workshop attended by representatives of dairy cooperatives, NDA milk feeding coordinators, managers of the National Dairy Authority and members of the Inter-agency Milk Feeding Committee (IMFC) was held in Cebu on 20 and 21 April 2005 to prepare for milk feeding programs for the school year 2005-06. It was a productive meeting involving discussions on food safety, feeding protocols, nutrition standards and the participation of school personnel.

Milk Feeding Programs supplied by local dairy farmers have been effective in rescuing children from malnutrition. Monitored weight and nutritional status improvement rates of children covered have consistently exceeded 90% over the years motivating local government units to expand the coverage of their milk feeding programs. Other LGUs have decided to install local dairy production capacity by assisting their own farmers to produce the milk for their school children.

The dairy coops represented at this consultation were: the Katipunan ng Kooperatiba ng Maggagatas, Ink. (KKMI), the Batangas Dairy Cooperative (BADACO), Sta. Maria Dairy Multipurpose Cooperative, Tulong Multipurpose Dairy Cooperative, Tribo Zambaleno Dairy Cooperative, Cebu Federation of Dairy Cooperatives (CEFEDCO), Ormoc-Leyte Dairy Primary Cooperative (OLDAPRIMCO), Iloilo Federation of Dairy Cooperatives (IFEDCO), Negros Federation of Dairy Cooperatives (NEFEDACO), Northern Mindanao Federation of Dairy Cooperatives (NMFDC) and the Federation of Davao Dairy Farmers Cooperatives (FEDDAFC).

Members of the IMFC present were: Director Elsa Bayani of the National Nutrition Council, Ms. Ofelia Alba, OIC Deputy Director of the Bureau of Food and Drugs, Mr. Roger Limson, OIC-Chief, Nutrition Division of the Department of Education and Adm. Salvacion Bulatao of the National Dairy Authority.

Former Senator Leticia Ramos-Shahani spoke to the group on the second day of the meeting to discuss the program of the Dairy Development Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. in support of the national milk feeding program.